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a thing of beauty is a joy forever... (Keats)

hint blue aims to do exactly that, bringing you the most beautiful things from South Africa and Southern Africa that will fill your life with joy. We carefully select works of art with artistic merit and that are visually pleasing.

South Africa is filled with diversity, not only through vast and dramatic landscapes and rich biodiversity, but mostly through the diversity of the people.

One can comfortably say that the true nature of South Africans is reflected through artistic creativity, a core component of our lives.  The manner in which we express ourselves is a reflection of our society, our values, beliefs and hopes.

Essentially hint blue brings together the artistic creativity of South Africans and the aesthetic appreciation of the rest of the world.

Having worked in a government position for a number of years, Leonore Kruger felt the need to be filled with renewed energy.  It was time for reinvention.  Time to dream, time to be inspired, to enjoy and to share. And so hint blue – impressions in life, was born.

With an academic back ground in music, history of art and tourism, Leonore visits artists and crafters across South Africa to identify those individuals that produce the beautiful things waiting to become part of your life.  With a strong sense of social responsibility she focuses strongly on community projects, many of which are managed and operated by women in the remotest parts of South Africa.
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