“a thing of beauty is a joy forever” (Keats)

Blue is perhaps the most ubiquitous colour.

We see it every day in the heights of the sky. It’s also bound up in the depths of the ocean and the distant fading peaks of far-off mountain ranges. No other single colour contains as much as blue – from the colour of integrity and hope, to feeling a bit blue. There are many myths and fantasies, layers and spaces contained within blue. The beauty of it lies perhaps in its complexity.

The name “HINTBLUE” is inspired by a tradition still kept in the American South of painting porch ceilings and front doors blue to keep away “haints” – nocturnal spirits that might wish harm upon the sleepers inside the house.

In the same way that “haint blue” might protect those who use it from malevolence, here at HINTBLUE we offer up a variety of carefully sourced artefacts of creativity, designed to lift your spirits, nourish you, strengthen and inspire you.

I am committed to bringing you a thoughtful curation of well-made, inspired products that I find on my meanderings around South Africa and beyond, and to telling the stories of those behind the making of them.

I believe that creativity is not a luxury – it is a resource for the soul.

Leonore Kruger

B.Mus (ed) University of Stellenbosch

B.A (Hons)  Art History University of South Africa

MSc Tourism Development and Management  Buckinghamshire University College

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