Christiaan Nerf

“Thinking is a good idea. I strive to create works and situations that encourage us (not only us as in the art community but also the public at large) to think again and think ahead. I try to be thoughtful, to be human and to make public these insights and ways of dealing with living in the now.

For me, working through art is a way and a place to interrogate and reveal the idea of Truth. It is not only about hard facts but also the poetry of time, life, death, transformation, desire, rebellion, freedom, and conscious and unconscious choice. The Truth is more erratic than we care to know. Fortunately works of art are expected to say what they have to say and also accommodate multiple interpretations.”(Nerf, Christiaan 2014)

Warren Editions presents a body of work that investigates the cause and effect of an intent. The intent being the technology of movement, prescribed actions abided by diligently. This procedure of making is recorded in a series of works executed in etching, drypoint, monotype and drawing by Christian Nerf in collaboration with Zhané Warren of Warren Editions. Christian Nerf says of this process “whilst in pursuit of a systemic change I embraced the restrictions offered by drawing. I set about ‘challenging its ability to be a lawless territory’ and a couple of years in I had found a handful of ways with drawing that continue to sustain my interest. These ways are not restricted to drawing and wanting to expand their vocabulary I have now translated key works into monotypes and etchings.

The presence of Nerf’s drawings with his prints shows that print is not dissimilar to drawing. The drawings makes the prints, and printmaking, more tangible and allows for an entry point into the print medium.