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Artist Profile of Ulric Roberts

The artwork of South African artist Ulric Roberts, also known as Namasun, is a vibrant celebration of colour and contrast. He uses art as medium for the expression of his roots, heritage and his culture.

The artist works free and spontaneously, using a palette of vibrant and colourful oil paints to make the first mark on the canvas. Entranced by this process he mixes his palette and the gradual layering of paint gives a physical representation of his emotions in the form of figures and different line structures. Layer by layer the paint gives shape to different textures and contrasts. In the process of creation Ulric works with oil on canvas. Other tools involved in this process include scrapers and a variety of old brushes to create intricate textures.

At a young age Ulric discovered that he can use painting as an expression of his imagination and emotions. In 1996 he started playing the didgeridoo, an Australian Aboriginal wind instrument, traditionally made from a hollow branch. This had a profound influence on his art and process of creation. The influence of the Aboriginal brought a definite change that can be seen in his art as he started to use paint in a pointillist manner.

The use of orbs or spheres in some of his paintings is inspired by the unique Orbicular rock formations found on the outskirt of his hometown, Concordia, in the Northern Cape Province.

Through his artwork Ulric examines and explores the natural harmony which exists between nature and man as observed in the indigenous stories and mythologies of the ancient /Xam Bushmen who lived in Southern Africa. His aim is to bring the stories and folktales of these indigenous tribes of Southern Africa to life through visual interpretations. As well as to create awareness about this part of South Africa’s history.


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