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South African born sculptor, Sarel Petrus, explores his relationship with the natural world through bronze and wood.  The memories collected in inanimate found objects allows his mind to journey, into the distances of forgotten secret pasts and imaginable future impressions.

After earning a Fine Art degree at the Tshwane University of Technology in 2004, Sarel Petrus spent eight years working in the studio of prolific South African sculptor, Guy du Toit.  Here he familiarized himself with bronze casting and set out on an engaging exhibition schedule, winning a Top 10 Award at the ABSA L’Atelier competition and a Sculpture Merit at the Thami Mnyele Awards, along the way.

For Sarel Petrus, the labour-intensive repetitiveness of sculpting lends itself to a meditative flow of consciousness.  These thoughts concern himself and the position he occupies in this world, removed from an illusory natural environment.  Through his artworks he likes to bring concrete shape to evanescent notions of being.


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